At Dickory Docks Educational Day Nursery, we plan every child's day to make sure that it is fun and educational. All activities provided will be a variety of adult led or child initiated activity. We provide a broad range of activity experience both indoors and outdoors.

Partnership with Parents

Daily feedback is given to parents/carers on their child's progress and development at drop of and collection. As well we have two parents evenings annually. We encourage parents to discuss their children's progress regularly with staff.  We also provide stay and play groups for parents. All nurseries have an "open door" policy, recognising the importance of parents having trust and confidence in our care of their children.


Your child will be offered the opportunity to play games, which are developmentally correct for their age, which sometimes will be adult led. The games are designed to help with your child's learning.


At Dickory Docks, your child will have a selection of books to look at, read and learn from. All books will be developmentally suitable for your children.

Physical activities

We will try to help keep your child healthy as possible. All children will be encouraged to take part in physical play such as skipping, dancing and running.


All nursery meals are cooked on site by our own cook who prepares the food with fresh ingredients. The children will be provided with breakfast, morning and afternoon snack, lunch and tea. Milk and water are providing throughout the day.

Special Needs

Dickory Docks educational day nursery has a strong commitment to children with special needs.  The nursery has trained SENCO (special educational needs Co- ordinator). Staff work closely with children who have an individual education plans.  All children are encouraged to take part in Nursery activities.